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20 Mar

The Grad School Coffee Filter

My days in grad school, now known to geologists as the Pleistocene, were remarkable both for their signal lack of productivity and for their relentless mortification of the flesh. In those days, I learned all about rice and beans and dal and rice and ramen noodles and whatever. I learned about Black Label pounders in […]

19 Mar


It was by happy accident that I discovered the carromical properties of the Dollars to Doughnuts fold. Look at the face of it. You have a 16-gon with creases going to every fifth corner – it describes the mystical decahexagram. Well, not so mystical, maybe, but wicked good at distributing stress. You whack this thing, […]

19 Mar

Dollars to Doughnuts!

What is it, you ask? Well, it’s a sixteen-sided tube made out of a dollar bill, with an iris closure on both ends. “Irish closure,” says my wife, “what’s that? Kneecapping?” No, iris closure. Describes a pursuit curve and all that. Looks a wee bit like the iris of a camera. Visualize James Bond hopping […]

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