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30 Jul

The World Box

Sure, the Icosahedral Twist Box is great, but a little bland. You could soup it up with some fancy paper, maybe, or you could go with my original conception and make a World Box. The World Box is in honor of the first international exhibition on origami tessellations, July 29th through August 6th at the […]

30 Jul

Icosahedral Twist Box

This is ambi-epistolary – hey-ho, there’s a nonce-word for the ages! Yes, ambi-epistolary, it can be made with equal facility out of letter paper of either persuasion, A4 or American 8½ ×11″. How’s that for thinking globally? You make two pieces and one fits into the other. Or the other way around. The male becomes […]

22 Jul

Spring into Stasis!

This came out of one of those conversations you have on A folder named georigami had been modifying one of the octagonal twist boxes discussed earlier and I advised him to try something to get the edges to overlap. After I said this,I realized I had very little idea if it would work. Leaving […]

04 Jul

How to Make A Regular Decagon (or Pentagon, Whatever) from a Square

Both Eric and Eduardo were asking, how do you make accurate decagons out of a square? Well, when I’m after accuracy, I draw a decagon in my creaking, ancient CorelDraw 8 install and print it out. But this lacks…authenticity. I’m way big on authenticity. The method for making a decagon from a square is not […]

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