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22 Dec

12 Gore Globe

Gore Square (deprecated – feh, uck, ptui) Better Gore Square For experimental use – it’s not quite done yet. (Oh, and if any of those fancy New York design firms are curious, we may be open origami evangelists, but we can be bought licensed.)

17 Dec

Pysanka Egg

Don’t mind the cat – Basil’s just been into the catnip and he’s a little stoned. I decided it would be fun to color the gores of the curved surface waterbomb, to enhance the general eggyness of it. “Easter egg” is a term programmers use to describe little secret treats they leave in their code, […]

16 Dec

Origami Rose Nation, Rising!

A Chad Stewart from some place Southern writes in to say, “Hey, y’all! where’s the phreakin’ diagrams?” Em. Haven’t made them yet. We will, but we’re still waiting for understanding to take place. (Ours, that is; yours will come later.) Of course, if the world stopped every time we didn’t understand something, we’d still be […]

06 Dec

4-Sided Coriolis Bowl

Yes, getting a little swirly in here. Curved surface folding adds a new axis to the fold: mountain/valley, left/right, up/down, curved/flat….I like it. Gritty, textural, doesn’t work 3 times out of 5. Oh, yeah. This is a Coriolis Bowl, named for that swirling effect the Earth’s rotation adds to storms and whirlpools. Astute folders will […]

03 Dec

Stellated Curved Tetrahedron

Update: Better crease pattern and some nice hints can be found here. Say what? Well, we must call it something and that name may be unlovely, but it is not unapt. It’s in two pieces, the top wrapping over the bottom. Or the other way around, doesn’t matter much. If you’ve spent anytime at all […]

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