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17 Feb

The Death of Archimedes

Roman Soldier: Hey there, old timer, is this the way to Syracuse Sally’s? Archimedes: You’re infringing on my intellectual property rights! Help, help! There’s a sinister Roman soldier infringing on my intellectual property rights! Well, that’s not going to end well. Clematis Box II This one is somewhat simpler in form, but doesn’t hold together […]

14 Feb

The Origami Easter Egg

Still, with the Easter Egg? On Valentine’s Day? I was always a little out of time. More than a little. Yet, this day week is Ash Wednesday and learning this model will make for an excellent Lenten exercise. When you’re intent on curve folding, it is very difficult to contemplate new sins and manifold wickedness. […]

10 Feb

Frangipani Box Redux

Eric is trying to convert me to something called the MVF diagram schema. I’ve got no clue what he’s talking about. That’s not unusual. So I googled it and discovered that it’s a top secret DoD research project — stands for Manganese Velveeta Forcefield, a conceptual weapon, something to immobilize the Haters of Freedom® with […]

07 Feb

Blognotes from the Underground

This is just to apologize for making you ask yourself unpleasant questions. The site was being haunted by a most unpleasant spambot. Dybbuk is the term that leaps to mind — a brainless, leechy kind of dead thing. Kept sending requests every few seconds to the comments script.The flakiness of the database was like pie […]

04 Feb

New Kid in Town

Since our friend and resident Andy Hardy, Eric, is on some hiatal thingummy, it is incumbent on us, your humble, yet fitful narrator to take official note that origamijoel is doing something cool. Well, he’s doing a couple cool things this year, but the one I’m referring to is his new blog and the nice […]

03 Feb

The Melon Rind Box

There was some talk on the O-list about the puzzle purse – a very old fold, indeed. And being the wild-eyed contrarian that I am, I set about trying to make a curved surface version. I had some spectacular failures. Then, I thought about this model and thought, “Hmm, this is more than a little […]

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