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29 Apr

Three Card Monte — Again?

Yeah, there’s a contest over at and I’ve never been much for contests, but this one has a really cool prize — an SD card with Wi-Fi built in. Got to say, that caught my eye. If you’ve already folded one of these, you could certainly give this a go-by. Nothing new here. Well, […]

22 Apr

Scalloped Bowl

Not married to the name — if you have a better one, we’ll rename this. Scalloped Bowl Crease Pattern.

08 Apr

Quotidian Graal

That is to say, everyday goblet. I would say chalice, but up north, across the border, the words for altar furniture are unmentionable to ears polite. Quotidian Graal Crease Pattern My wife says, Can you drink beer out of it? I think a bit and say, Yes, it’s genus zero. And she says, Genesee-O? That […]

03 Apr

Half an Egg — Goes Well with Half a Loaf

So, like twenty-five years ago, I’m standing at a highway exit in Sacramento, middle of the night, trying really hard to hitch a ride to Berkeley, where I have a floor to crash on and nothing is happening, hour after hour. I still had residual shakes from a very bad ride over Mt. Shasta with […]

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