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28 Oct

Curvaceous Cube!

These are Persimmon Boxes, so named because of a paper by Naoko Takeda which discusses, among other things, self-locking kaki folds. Kaki, you see, is Japanese for persimmon. A good read, that. I’ve been experimenting with these kaki folds this week and decided I had been using them for a while now, but it’s good […]

20 Oct

Another Origami Handbag

The “manhole bag,” another of Ms. Tsukioka’s inventions, is a purse that can hide your valuables by unfolding to look like a round sewer cover. These ideas might strike foreigners as far-fetched,” Ms. Tsukioka said, “but in Japan, they can become reality.” From today’s NYT. An interesting article, but it doesn’t mention that the Talking […]

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