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26 Nov

Book Review: Origamics by Kazuo Haga

We haven’t finished this yet, but we still wanted to tell you about it. It’s Kazuo Haga’s new book, Origamics: Mathematical Explorations Through Paper Folding (ISBN-13: 978-9812834898). We’re no math head — anything above the most primitive forms of trig causes us anxiety and vague spiritual discomfort. That isn’t because we don’t enjoy the underlying […]

24 Nov

The Vitruvian Box of Seven Joys

Yesterday, I was at the Smith College Museum of Art, a lovely collection in a building of shocking hideosity, and they had a newish painting that caught my eye — it used a palimpsest technique that a friend of mine once used to good effect. One of the layers was a sketch of the Vitruvian […]

23 Nov

Video Shout-Out

This is a video response to the Spiral Data Tato from whiteandfluffy701d, which has been on YouTube for a few months and somehow went right by me. A very nice production. (And, I should mention, detailed directions for this model can be had at Instructables.) Also well worth noting is this, which I believe to […]

16 Nov

I Know a Change Gonna Come

[audio:Sam_Cooke-Change.mp3|titles=A Change is Gonna Come|artists=Sam Cooke] There been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long But now I think I’m able to carry on It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will This is a song that was released in 1964, shortly […]

09 Nov

Eric Gjerde’s Origami Tessellations: Now in Book Form

Eric Gjerde has formally announced the arrival of his first book, Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspring Geometric Designs and we’d like to recommend it to your attention. We got to read through this at the Pacific RIm Origami retreat, last week and were greatly impressed with the breadth of the subject matter, the clarity of the presentation […]

06 Nov

Scalloped Tato Boxes

Some folks were asking for blank scalloped tato box patterns, so that they could make their own. By all means: 7-Sided Tato Box, Scalloped 8-Sided Tato Box, Scalloped The logo should be centered at the midpoint of the polygon’s sides, which is also the radius of the semicircle. There will be some loss of the […]

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