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December 3, 2012

The Adobong Box

The Adobong Box

Here’s an idea that occurs to me from time to time — what if we used curved origami techniques to make a new kind of Chinese food take-out box? The venerable carton to the right is the standard oyster pail, probably made by Fold-Pak of Norcross, Georgia. Nothing wrong with that design: it’s been around for decades and is cheap, functional and not so hideous in appearance as to put you off your lunch.

The box to left is a different approach to the same purpose. It is cylindrical in form, has the same volume as the traditional box — one U.S. pint — and derives its strength from its curves and internal friction. It closes with a clever double-lock, obviating the need for wire or glue closures.

The Adobong Box The Adobong Box The Adobong Box The Adobong Box

Because the box is round and touches the table at only three points, the heat of the food is better conserved. Plus, the meal can be eaten directly, with the opened box serving as a plate.

The name? Well, I am partial to Filipino adobo and it isn’t easy to find around here. In fact, if I don’t make it myself, it simply doesn’t obtain. I am releasing the design to the wide world with the hopes that some hipster entrepreneur will fill it with adobong manok and bring it to me. One can dream, eh?

Adobong Box Crease Pattern

The design can, of course, be licensed by anyone anywhere for the usual filthy lucre, the coin of the realm. But for a limited time, the design will be available for licensing in the Philippines (including the Spratly Islands) for the fee of one box of adobo per week for life, assignable. In the spirit of good faith, here is a PDF of the template.

Commerce passes everywhere, but the box also has uses for the casual home folder. For instance, it could be filled with pralines, pizzelle, poppadom et cetera and then suspended from the festive tree with a loop of knotted ribbon.

4 Responses to “The Adobong Box”

  1. 1
    brfiorelli Says:

    Is this a coincidence?

    A clever box like yours.. in the Philippines!

  2. 2
    Ann Martin Says:

    A beautiful design and a good way to shake up the take-out world. 🙂

  3. 3
    Gerardo Says:

    This is an awesome design, and I also love your detailed description! I suppose you can use the same handle used in the oyster pail, right? Have you packed food in it in order to really test it? I so love practical origami!

    I do hope that entrepreneur approaches you ; )

  4. 4
    Maria Kyrou Says:

    Lovely box and veeery nice as a plate…!!

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