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26 Jul

Looking through a Glass Onion

According to the stats machines at Flickr, this is one of the most interesting photos I’ve ever taken. I am not one to argue with machines — they tend to equivocate and braid sorites and they’re absolutely useless with analogies. I have an old Thinkpad somewhere that believes that a raven and a writing desk […]

26 Apr

World Intellectual Property Day

Proprietary origami is the old sow that eats her own farrow. That line is cheerfully stolen from James Joyce — farrow being an old way of saying piglets. The two-piece pig was created by Akira Yoshizawa or Adolfo Cerceda, depending on your point-of-view, and is found in Harbin’s Secrets of Origami. The piglets are an […]

22 Apr

Scalloped Bowl

Not married to the name — if you have a better one, we’ll rename this. Scalloped Bowl Crease Pattern.

07 Aug

Café Kinko?

Okay, it was ten years ago and the countergirl at Kinko’s® wouldn’t make a copy of this photograph until I covered up the trademarked image on the Café Goya® can. I pointed out that it wasn’t meant to be a picture of a coffee can – the can was just there for scale. But she […]

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