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03 Apr

Half an Egg — Goes Well with Half a Loaf

So, like twenty-five years ago, I’m standing at a highway exit in Sacramento, middle of the night, trying really hard to hitch a ride to Berkeley, where I have a floor to crash on and nothing is happening, hour after hour. I still had residual shakes from a very bad ride over Mt. Shasta with […]

28 Mar

Incredibly Dismal, Pathetic Chord Sequence

Not that anyone is still interested, but I was in a minor snit earlier this week because a gentleman from midtown Porlock suggested that I had not credited work properly. After all, I hadn’t even seen the model cited, let alone tried to duplicate it: my umber was quite burnt. Eric, no doubt taking *cough* […]

24 Mar

Lead Foot Melvin and the Smart Waterbomb

People sometimes think that I’m hostile to Republicans because I don’t know any. While it is true that in Western Massachusetts, one may so guide one’s steps that they never cross a Republican’s track, I find that this makes it difficult to get to the bus stop on time. Indeed, I know many Republicans. Several […]

14 Feb

The Origami Easter Egg

Still, with the Easter Egg? On Valentine’s Day? I was always a little out of time. More than a little. Yet, this day week is Ash Wednesday and learning this model will make for an excellent Lenten exercise. When you’re intent on curve folding, it is very difficult to contemplate new sins and manifold wickedness. […]

17 Dec

Pysanka Egg

Don’t mind the cat – Basil’s just been into the catnip and he’s a little stoned. I decided it would be fun to color the gores of the curved surface waterbomb, to enhance the general eggyness of it. “Easter egg” is a term programmers use to describe little secret treats they leave in their code, […]

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