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03 Jun

Stellated Curved Tetrahedron Redux

Stellated Curved Tetrahedron Colored Crease Pattern Some people there may be who haven’t folded this yet and still want to. The clues we left were not the easiest to follow. Here is a colored crease pattern: black for mountain, magenta for valley, gray ghost lines for folds that were there, but don’t figure into the […]

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30 Jul

Icosahedral Twist Box

This is ambi-epistolary – hey-ho, there’s a nonce-word for the ages! Yes, ambi-epistolary, it can be made with equal facility out of letter paper of either persuasion, A4 or American 8½ ×11″. How’s that for thinking globally? You make two pieces and one fits into the other. Or the other way around. The male becomes […]

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07 Aug

Café Kinko?

Okay, it was ten years ago and the countergirl at Kinko’s® wouldn’t make a copy of this photograph until I covered up the trademarked image on the Café Goya® can. I pointed out that it wasn’t meant to be a picture of a coffee can – the can was just there for scale. But she […]

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