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28 Mar

Incredibly Dismal, Pathetic Chord Sequence

Not that anyone is still interested, but I was in a minor snit earlier this week because a gentleman from midtown Porlock suggested that I had not credited work properly. After all, I hadn’t even seen the model cited, let alone tried to duplicate it: my umber was quite burnt. Eric, no doubt taking *cough* […]

07 Feb

Blognotes from the Underground

This is just to apologize for making you ask yourself unpleasant questions. The site was being haunted by a most unpleasant spambot. Dybbuk is the term that leaps to mind — a brainless, leechy kind of dead thing. Kept sending requests every few seconds to the comments script.The flakiness of the database was like pie […]

30 Jan

Sinusoidal Headache

The wind is in from the Canadian tundra and the air has gotten drier and much colder — almost like winter. And that dreadful Senator Boxer from California has engineered a shortage of pseudoephedrine. Californians! What do they know of sinuses? I woke up the other morning and decided that the curves I’ve been thinking […]

13 Jan

Amphigorical Math

This is a section of Giovanni Maria Cassini’s globe, a very beautiful object, which you can view in great detail at David Rumsey’s map site. You can see that Cassini knew something I was just guessing at, how to find the radius of the curve of map gores. Dr. Math tried to explain it to […]

12 Oct

Arts and/or Crafts

Like many folders, I’m a bit touchy about terms like Art and craft. It’s not the pretension that bugs me – hell, I’m all about pretension – it’s the cynical hypothesis that if the idea can be controlled with words, the idea can make money for the right people. Yes, this works, but only by […]

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