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11 Jun

Hako Sakuramon

St. Bonaventure, someplace in The Mind’s Journey to God, speaks of the problem of lost meaning. Not that I remember where. Meaning, like mass and unlike my dilettante learning, cannot be lost. What doesn’t get communicated through speech returns to the Godhead. A comforting thought. But when one doesn’t speak Japanese, one wonders what will […]

04 Jun

Keep Moving, Nothing to See, Here

My old friend, Payson – the one who lives in Belo Horizonte – when he was a boy, went on a coach tour of some city in Bavaria with his family. The tour had gotten a little behind schedule and the tour guide was terribly agitated. He didn’t want to take the art museum off […]

03 Jun

The Problem with Dollars

There are several. Like, who has them and what they’re doing with them. Another issue is that they’re too small for complex folding and not easily available in all areas. I was thinking about the fold I opened this site with, the Dollars to Doughnuts fold. If you are in, oh, I don’t know, the […]

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