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20 May

Temple Mathematics

About a year ago, I read a book on Japanese temple mathematics that I found in the local libraries. Well, I didn’t read it completely — there was a great deal of it I couldn’t follow. But the pictures were beautiful and what I understood, I enjoyed. During the Edo period, that is, after the […]

08 Dec

Egg Shell with Tracery

Earlier today, I went to reach into my briefcase and hit the back of the chair it was sitting on with my hand, driving a splinter of veneer half an inch (hmm, 13mm) under the fingernail of my left middle finger. Oh, the wanton vulgarity that followed — for a couple minutes, I was channeling […]

29 Jul

Whither Away, O Bellerophon?

So, I’m sitting on the bus the other day and this woman, about my age, stands up to get her bags down and I see the label on the back of her trousers, CALLIPYGE. My Greek vocabulary has maybe 200, 300 words, almost all philosophical or theological terms and I don’t truly understand half of […]

01 Jun

Peppermint Drop Bowl

Peppermint Drop Bowl Crease Pattern Just because the crease pattern reminds me of a peppermint drop — you know, the kind with the red-and-white spiral? It is, of course, a Sam Taeguk dish with six lobes.

22 Apr

Scalloped Bowl

Not married to the name — if you have a better one, we’ll rename this. Scalloped Bowl Crease Pattern.

08 Apr

Quotidian Graal

That is to say, everyday goblet. I would say chalice, but up north, across the border, the words for altar furniture are unmentionable to ears polite. Quotidian Graal Crease Pattern My wife says, Can you drink beer out of it? I think a bit and say, Yes, it’s genus zero. And she says, Genesee-O? That […]

03 Apr

Half an Egg — Goes Well with Half a Loaf

So, like twenty-five years ago, I’m standing at a highway exit in Sacramento, middle of the night, trying really hard to hitch a ride to Berkeley, where I have a floor to crash on and nothing is happening, hour after hour. I still had residual shakes from a very bad ride over Mt. Shasta with […]

18 Mar

Hyperboloidal Hex Vase

Not sure if hyperboloidal is the correct term, here. The sides of the vase are curved, but only north-south, not east-west. Sort of like a bunch of intersecting sidewise cylinders. Hyperboloidal Hex Vase Crease Pattern * * * * * Update: A Slightly Different Version Crease Pattern (This one has curves where the points are […]

17 Feb

The Death of Archimedes

Roman Soldier: Hey there, old timer, is this the way to Syracuse Sally’s? Archimedes: You’re infringing on my intellectual property rights! Help, help! There’s a sinister Roman soldier infringing on my intellectual property rights! Well, that’s not going to end well. Clematis Box II This one is somewhat simpler in form, but doesn’t hold together […]

07 Feb

Blognotes from the Underground

This is just to apologize for making you ask yourself unpleasant questions. The site was being haunted by a most unpleasant spambot. Dybbuk is the term that leaps to mind — a brainless, leechy kind of dead thing. Kept sending requests every few seconds to the comments script.The flakiness of the database was like pie […]

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