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19 Jan

Normal Has Nothing to Teach

Our friend and unindicted co-conspirator, origamijoel, said that to me recently and it sounded immensely wise. Joel is a soft-spoken man with an air of affable gravitas and he often says things that strike me as being immensely wise. It’s just his way. When we were sitting on the concrete on 27th Street this past […]

20 Apr

The Petunia Bowl

I like this model because it traps very little paper to very good effect. I was going to figure out how much of the surface area was hidden, but then thought, who cares? It’s a beautiful spring, finally. Man is the animal who measures, but also the one who doesn’t have to. Me, I’m no […]

01 Mar

Strange Fruit

It has been said that high school football is the state religion in Texas. I would disagree — the Texan religion has a darker, more pagan flavor to it. Texans are good and decent people, the ones I’ve met, but there’s something about Texas. It’s a mirrored globe — it is like the US, but […]

16 Dec

The Dodecahedral Bowl and Xara LX

This is one of those folds I did on the bus one morning and thought was very interesting, but then never looked at it again. It’s been kicking around the office and when I recycle the overflow, this one never quite gets into the bin, probably because it still looks vaguely interesting. Tried to make […]

30 Aug

Dodecahedral Bowl

Dodecahedral Bowl Crease Pattern

03 Mar

Quasi-Crystalline Tato

Not really. Maybe. Kinda sorta. I was reading this article in Science about quasi-crystals in medieval Iran and Turkey, kind of got me thinking. This is just the first thing that I folded after reading it. It starts out with a pentagon in a circle. Remember that? Quasi-Crystalline Tato SCP

10 Feb

Frangipani Box Redux

Eric is trying to convert me to something called the MVF diagram schema. I’ve got no clue what he’s talking about. That’s not unusual. So I googled it and discovered that it’s a top secret DoD research project — stands for Manganese Velveeta Forcefield, a conceptual weapon, something to immobilize the Haters of Freedom® with […]

16 Dec

Origami Rose Nation, Rising!

A Chad Stewart from some place Southern writes in to say, “Hey, y’all! where’s the phreakin’ diagrams?” Em. Haven’t made them yet. We will, but we’re still waiting for understanding to take place. (Ours, that is; yours will come later.) Of course, if the world stopped every time we didn’t understand something, we’d still be […]

23 Nov

How to Make a Pentagon from a Circle

I think I mentioned at some point that it was easy to make an elegant pentagon from a circle of paper. It is, but still, it’s not intuitive. Making polygons from circles has a lot in common with compass-and-straightedge work. Except paper is easier to work with and the straightedge can be marked up like […]

04 Nov

Hoofbeats in the Distance — Could it be Zebras?

I was going to wait a bit before posting this, wait for understanding. But you know, I am so slow of apperception that for all of me, we might be up to our giblets in simultaneous Asian land wars before I decide I know what’s going on with this model. Oh, that’s right. So, why […]

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