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30 Sep

Yoghurt Practice

Balanced on the blades of my shoulders, with my kneecaps seeking to level with my ears, it occurred to me that in spite of my years and gray beard, I remain highly suggestible. In my youth, I was sought out by missionaries, magicians and pathological liars because I was such a manifest mark. My credulity […]

11 Jan

lilzabubba and the Lunoid

I know that Eric has already blogged this, but this will not stop me from noting that lilzabubba (who is also known as Bekah) has made a rather more rational crease pattern for the lunoid model. And made a nice double lock on those troublesome corners — very clever, never occurred to me. lilzabubba’s Crease […]

01 Jan

The Bird in a Hexagonal Hoop

This was one of my first models, I think – I was about 13. It’s corrugated for extra goodness. I had thought it one of my simpler models, but making a CP has taught me otherwise. It’s still fun. Here’s the crease pattern. And a Happy New Year’s to all!

22 Dec

12 Gore Globe

Gore Square (deprecated – feh, uck, ptui) Better Gore Square For experimental use – it’s not quite done yet. (Oh, and if any of those fancy New York design firms are curious, we may be open origami evangelists, but we can be bought licensed.)

06 Dec

4-Sided Coriolis Bowl

Yes, getting a little swirly in here. Curved surface folding adds a new axis to the fold: mountain/valley, left/right, up/down, curved/flat….I like it. Gritty, textural, doesn’t work 3 times out of 5. Oh, yeah. This is a Coriolis Bowl, named for that swirling effect the Earth’s rotation adds to storms and whirlpools. Astute folders will […]

05 Aug

Zhoubi Bowl

Update: Diagrams for this model now available. This is a Zhoubi Bowl, a result of some experimental folding I’ve been doing, loosely based on an illustration in the Zhoubi Suanjing, an ancient Chinese mathematics text. I like it, nice swoopy lines and pointy bits. This is the CP, that is, the crease pattern, but it […]

22 Jul

Spring into Stasis!

This came out of one of those conversations you have on A folder named georigami had been modifying one of the octagonal twist boxes discussed earlier and I advised him to try something to get the edges to overlap. After I said this,I realized I had very little idea if it would work. Leaving […]

04 Jul

How to Make A Regular Decagon (or Pentagon, Whatever) from a Square

Both Eric and Eduardo were asking, how do you make accurate decagons out of a square? Well, when I’m after accuracy, I draw a decagon in my creaking, ancient CorelDraw 8 install and print it out. But this lacks…authenticity. I’m way big on authenticity. The method for making a decagon from a square is not […]

07 May

Fujimoto Cube with Hexakaidecagonal Iris Closure

One of those four-in-the-morning ideas – what if we graft an iris closure onto a Fujimoto cube? Wow – two great tastes that taste great together. Here’s the CP and I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, “Yetch! What’s with the green lines? Blue for mountain, okay, red for valley, sure, but green?” Relax – […]

05 Mar

The 8-Sided Compass Rose Jar

I’ve been doing some more complicated things – but I thought I probably ought to put out the simple version before getting all publicly jiggy with it. This one has an iris closure going to every second corner, a nice basket weave look. This is probably the easiest version of this model to learn, but […]

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