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23 Jun

Sam Taeguk Dish in Midtown

Here we are, in the heart of Gotham, and it’s wicked noisy. But everyone we know is here, sharing techniques, models and not a few jokes. These instructions aren’t very good, but you’re welcome to try them. I’m teaching this at the Convention tomorrow. Sam Taeguk Dish SCP

26 Nov

Sam-Taeguk Dish

This is the same as the Triskelion Dish, but with the corners folded under – I didn’t quite like the white showing. A trifle more complicated, but logical and more aesthetically satisfying. Like a nice bowl of Spicy Beef Soup. We offer two files here, one the crease pattern: Sam-Taeguk Dish Crease Pattern And the […]

19 Nov

Triskelion Dish

Triskelion Dish Now, I must go do some laundry.

18 Nov

Trillium Bowl

This model came from a few different thoughts, one being Mélisande*‘s hints that my folds were becoming harder to figure out. Another was a comment of georigami‘s about tension and curves in paper. I’m fond of this model because it has nice lines and is simple to make. It’s also a good introduction to curved […]

07 Aug

Café Kinko?

Okay, it was ten years ago and the countergirl at Kinko’s® wouldn’t make a copy of this photograph until I covered up the trademarked image on the Café Goya® can. I pointed out that it wasn’t meant to be a picture of a coffee can – the can was just there for scale. But she […]

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