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19 Mar

Demonstrative Definition of Neatocooloweizenheimer

I don’t think Evil Mad Scientist needs the likes of me pointing at them, but I will. How cool is this? How easy would it be to make a manufacturing process for this? Well, maybe not a waterbomb. Me, I’d go for something that you could press once and collapse (like a Strange Fruit, for […]

28 Mar

Incredibly Dismal, Pathetic Chord Sequence

Not that anyone is still interested, but I was in a minor snit earlier this week because a gentleman from midtown Porlock suggested that I had not credited work properly. After all, I hadn’t even seen the model cited, let alone tried to duplicate it: my umber was quite burnt. Eric, no doubt taking *cough* […]

24 Mar

Lead Foot Melvin and the Smart Waterbomb

People sometimes think that I’m hostile to Republicans because I don’t know any. While it is true that in Western Massachusetts, one may so guide one’s steps that they never cross a Republican’s track, I find that this makes it difficult to get to the bus stop on time. Indeed, I know many Republicans. Several […]

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