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15 Oct

North by Northwest

The City Fathers (a few Mothers, too) and the Department of Public Works have given me several broad hints lately that the art I pursue is no art at all, but a mere “craft or decorative art.” So be it. Urania, Muse of Astronomy and Mathematics, who used to come see me now and again, […]

12 Oct

Arts and/or Crafts

Like many folders, I’m a bit touchy about terms like Art and craft. It’s not the pretension that bugs me – hell, I’m all about pretension – it’s the cynical hypothesis that if the idea can be controlled with words, the idea can make money for the right people. Yes, this works, but only by […]

01 Oct

How to Make a Heptagon from a Circle

So, I was after thinking, early one morning, that I had really ought to get back to that chrysanthemum model, being as there’s a big chysanthemum festival going on somewheres, but then I thought, it’s such a pain to make hexakaidecagons. What if I made them from squares and just folded the excess in? Hmm, […]

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