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26 Apr

World Intellectual Property Day

Proprietary origami is the old sow that eats her own farrow. That line is cheerfully stolen from James Joyce — farrow being an old way of saying piglets. The two-piece pig was created by Akira Yoshizawa or Adolfo Cerceda, depending on your point-of-view, and is found in Harbin’s Secrets of Origami. The piglets are an […]

20 Apr

The Petunia Bowl

I like this model because it traps very little paper to very good effect. I was going to figure out how much of the surface area was hidden, but then thought, who cares? It’s a beautiful spring, finally. Man is the animal who measures, but also the one who doesn’t have to. Me, I’m no […]

16 Apr

Röslein auf der Heide

Our hundredth post is pointed at a lovely rosebud by Rudolf Deeg, who is, like so many of the original folders, a professional magician. His website has a selection of lovely renditions of the the available origami roses, but when I saw this photo in the Foldingfreaks pool, I recognized something immediately. Although the nether […]

06 Apr

Design Ideas up the Yin-Yang

I wasn’t going to blog this idea, it being so manifestly impure and all, but it showed up on the BOS list and Jeff Rutzky has been having so much fun with it, I just had to write. Some months back, I made a curved surface fold from the traditional cocaine paper and called it […]

01 Apr

A Simpler Way

I have this longish post about the evils of encroaching copyright, but it keeps boring me to death and I still haven’t finished it. So, while we’re all waiting for that little gem of wisdom to roll off the presses, why not take a whack at a simpler version of the Frangipani Box? This is […]

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