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26 Nov

Sam-Taeguk Dish

This is the same as the Triskelion Dish, but with the corners folded under – I didn’t quite like the white showing. A trifle more complicated, but logical and more aesthetically satisfying. Like a nice bowl of Spicy Beef Soup. We offer two files here, one the crease pattern: Sam-Taeguk Dish Crease Pattern And the […]

23 Nov

How to Make a Pentagon from a Circle

I think I mentioned at some point that it was easy to make an elegant pentagon from a circle of paper. It is, but still, it’s not intuitive. Making polygons from circles has a lot in common with compass-and-straightedge work. Except paper is easier to work with and the straightedge can be marked up like […]

23 Nov

Still in Alpha

Where Are The Phreakin’ Diagrams? None, yet – and when there are, they’ll be debuting on a different stage. (We’ll link to it.) Till then, an unimproved CP for the impatient: O3 Rose, 0.4 Or: O3 Rose Crease Pattern, Somewhat Improved.

19 Nov

Triskelion Dish

Triskelion Dish Now, I must go do some laundry.

19 Nov

Square Curves

georigami was asking about a CP for this model. There isn’t one yet, but he also notes I’ve been sketching on the paper. It’s not done, conceptually or artistically, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t play along at home. If you fold the edges to the lines, you’ll see where the mountain folds want […]

18 Nov

Trillium Bowl

This model came from a few different thoughts, one being Mélisande*‘s hints that my folds were becoming harder to figure out. Another was a comment of georigami‘s about tension and curves in paper. I’m fond of this model because it has nice lines and is simple to make. It’s also a good introduction to curved […]

04 Nov

Hoofbeats in the Distance — Could it be Zebras?

I was going to wait a bit before posting this, wait for understanding. But you know, I am so slow of apperception that for all of me, we might be up to our giblets in simultaneous Asian land wars before I decide I know what’s going on with this model. Oh, that’s right. So, why […]

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