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11 Aug

Ron Resch’s Paper and Stick Video

The Ron Resch Paper and Stick Film from Sheet on Vimeo. It is with some reluctance that I point at this video — not because I imagine it is sinful to do so, but because I have seen this film surface on the Internet before and the act of looking at it somehow makes it […]

24 Feb

Protein Folding

I went to a talk last week on protein folding, given by one of the College’s chemistry profs. I was delighted to find that there is a mechanism for correcting folding sequences that go wrong. Any folder will recognize this situation immediately: you get almost to the end and see flaps sticking out in all […]

24 Nov

O or Non-O?

This is Vincent Floderer demonstrating his crimp method of folding a mushroom. It came to my attention on the that directory of wonderful things, bOING-bOING, where it was posted under the heading, Perfect mushroom origami. I’ve never seen Floderer fold before, though I’ve admired his work for some years. This is brilliant stuff and well […]

13 Feb

Emma’s Dress

This is Nathan Austin, after a long night of working on a tessellation. We’re sure many of our readers know this feeling. Nathan is a film director, an occasional poet (that is, he writes nonce verse, not poems every so often), and an alumnus of the College where I work. We met a couple years […]

20 Jan

New Dawn

Though the most credulous of men, I have trouble believing many things. For instance, I don’t believe an Airbus A320 can float. Just took one from Madrid to Milan and I don’t really believe they can fly, either. It’s morning on Inauguration Day and I don’t believe those cynical criminals will actually step down on […]

26 Nov

Book Review: Origamics by Kazuo Haga

We haven’t finished this yet, but we still wanted to tell you about it. It’s Kazuo Haga’s new book, Origamics: Mathematical Explorations Through Paper Folding (ISBN-13: 978-9812834898). We’re no math head — anything above the most primitive forms of trig causes us anxiety and vague spiritual discomfort. That isn’t because we don’t enjoy the underlying […]

09 Nov

Eric Gjerde’s Origami Tessellations: Now in Book Form

Eric Gjerde has formally announced the arrival of his first book, Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspring Geometric Designs and we’d like to recommend it to your attention. We got to read through this at the Pacific RIm Origami retreat, last week and were greatly impressed with the breadth of the subject matter, the clarity of the presentation […]

30 Aug

Hey, Polly’s Got a Blog

Just a note — this should be more widely known, that folder, sculptor and performance artist, Polly Verity, is dipping her toe into the blogosphere. Visit her here. Polly is cool beyond my powers to say. After I spend weeks recovering the thinnest scrap of the Dreaming, I will flip it over and invariably find, […]

26 Apr

World Intellectual Property Day

Proprietary origami is the old sow that eats her own farrow. That line is cheerfully stolen from James Joyce — farrow being an old way of saying piglets. The two-piece pig was created by Akira Yoshizawa or Adolfo Cerceda, depending on your point-of-view, and is found in Harbin’s Secrets of Origami. The piglets are an […]

16 Apr

Röslein auf der Heide

Our hundredth post is pointed at a lovely rosebud by Rudolf Deeg, who is, like so many of the original folders, a professional magician. His website has a selection of lovely renditions of the the available origami roses, but when I saw this photo in the Foldingfreaks pool, I recognized something immediately. Although the nether […]

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