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February 14, 2007

The Origami Easter Egg

Roses and Origami Egg

Still, with the Easter Egg? On Valentine’s Day? I was always a little out of time. More than a little.

Yet, this day week is Ash Wednesday and learning this model will make for an excellent Lenten exercise. When you’re intent on curve folding, it is very difficult to contemplate new sins and manifold wickedness. Like invading a third foreign country to distract people from looking at why you invaded the second or noticing how poorly things are going in the first. That sort of thing.

I’m working out the bugs on this MVF diagram schema. Also stands for Mountain, Valley, Flat. And here, in this new sequenced crease pattern, we’re trying it out. This isn’t what it’s intended for, but what of that? Here, the Mountain folds are heavy black lines. The Valley folds are heavy magenta lines. The Flat lines, folds we made earlier but aren’t using right now, are hairline black. One crease leads to the next. It’s just like sudoku.

I don’t know if this makes things clearer, but it does make them prettier.

My inability to draw with depth means that once again, I add photo montages to cover the difficult bits. Conceptually, this is not a difficult fold — it’s the curved surface circle equivalent of a waterbomb. You can memorize the folding sequence pretty quickly. It’s the pons asinorum of learning the curved fold that will slow you down. Persevere. You’ll get it.

Beats the hell out of going to Babylon by bus.

Easter Egg Sequenced Crease Pattern

3 Responses to “The Origami Easter Egg”

  1. 1
    Eric Gjerde Says:

    Great design- the whole “fold over the curved part and use that to generate the curved folds” is a wonderful trick. I like that bit the most- it negates the need for compass and/or steady hand for approximating folds. very cool.

    Looking forward to seeing you fold your curved models in June!

  2. 2
    Mélisande Says:

    You’ve done a very good job with this SCP.
    Unambiguous valley/mountain creases assignement is useful, and this magenta color very pretty.

    Since you have some pretentions to “Langian” scientifism, next step would be to explicite which side of your model the CP is for.
    Inside/outside is a recurrent question when I fold your stuff with duo paper.

    Should curved folding be a kind of spiritual exercise, as you wrote above, you can’t indulge into relativism, even technical !

    [Got the “santa” password, too. Your anti-spam seems to have narrow lexical span]

  3. 3
    christine Says:

    My issue with Lang’s thing is, if your laser printer is black and white…not so good. Dashed vs. dash/dot shows in black and white. However the instructions were lovely.

    Christiane I’m glad to share the Santa duties:)

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