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July 29, 2007

Whither Away, O Bellerophon?

Chimera Box, Chimera Bowl

So, I’m sitting on the bus the other day and this woman, about my age, stands up to get her bags down and I see the label on the back of her trousers, CALLIPYGE. My Greek vocabulary has maybe 200, 300 words, almost all philosophical or theological terms and I don’t truly understand half of them, but this one I knew right off. Kallipygos is “having beautiful buttocks” or, if you prefer, “having virtuous buttocks.” And I thought to myself, “Gad, madam, we’ve come to a very awkward age indeed, when our asses require subtitles.” But one can not say these things aloud and anyhow, one has no business to be reading other people’s trousers, however virtuous their contents.

This will probably be of limited interest. This is a file that shows how to find the grid for the Curved Tetra Box (crease pattern) and the Chimera Bowl (crease pattern):

Chimera Grid Sequenced Crease Pattern

I think it has a lot of possibilities.

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    bekah Says:

    wow… and now i know what i was supposed to be “guess”ing about!

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