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March 1, 2008

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

It has been said that high school football is the state religion in Texas. I would disagree — the Texan religion has a darker, more pagan flavor to it.

Texans are good and decent people, the ones I’ve met, but there’s something about Texas. It’s a mirrored globe — it is like the US, but strangely distorted and out-of-scale. The ill-proportioned forces at play down there have combined gerrymandering, the prison industry and big money into a bizarre polity that seeks to recreate the dreams they teach as Texan History in the schools. Normally, I try not to think about it, but this coming Tuesday, Texas is having a primary that could prove pivotal to the coming election. I could wish it were anywhere else.

(To be fair, Texans don’t care much for Massachusetts, either.)

And so we fold on. Mélisande* and I keep talking, off and on, about how tato boxes work and why. I said something about the bottoms of the boxes don’t have to be a certain size and she pointed out that they don’t even have to be there. Whoa — heavy on the conceptual, there, sister.

The point is well taken. And I’ve added her point to an already existing fold, the Frangipani Box.

Strange Fruit Crease Pattern

Strange Fruit Crease Pattern in Postscript

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    margaret Says:

    Lovely as usual. I really enjoy your creations.

  2. 2
    The Fitful Flog » Blog Archive » Demonstrative Definition of Neatocooloweizenheimer Says:

    […] not a waterbomb. Me, I’d go for something that you could press once and collapse (like a Strange Fruit, for argument’s sake), but think of the sales for weddings and quinceañeras and whatnot […]

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