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April 16, 2008

Röslein auf der Heide

What's the name of that sled, again?

Our hundredth post is pointed at a lovely rosebud by Rudolf Deeg, who is, like so many of the original folders, a professional magician. His website has a selection of lovely renditions of the the available origami roses, but when I saw this photo in the Foldingfreaks pool, I recognized something immediately. Although the nether portions of this are clearly Kawasakian, there”s a certain open flavor around the closed top of the bud. This is, I fancy, one of those hybrids that are stronger than either parent. All kinds of future, here.

And the Magician Deeg is no temperamental prima donna, neither — he forthrightly puts his crease pattern right out there. Rock on, Rudolf!

Magicians, by the way, love your humble narrator, for no more credulous worm ever crawled this earth. You know that trick, where the magician puts a coin on your palm and you close your fingers on it and it turns into a different coin? Yeah, one guy played that on me five times and I just kept saying, Wow….”

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