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19 Mar

Demonstrative Definition of Neatocooloweizenheimer

I don’t think Evil Mad Scientist needs the likes of me pointing at them, but I will. How cool is this? How easy would it be to make a manufacturing process for this? Well, maybe not a waterbomb. Me, I’d go for something that you could press once and collapse (like a Strange Fruit, for […]

13 Jan

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.

Here’s a fine use for the Spiral Data Tato — Jenn and Paul, down Carolina way, have a group of friends who make mixes for each other at the end of the year. They chose this model to be their cover. Imagine the éclat their mix got this year, even before it was opened! Bravo, […]

20 Oct

Another Origami Handbag

The “manhole bag,” another of Ms. Tsukioka’s inventions, is a purse that can hide your valuables by unfolding to look like a round sewer cover. These ideas might strike foreigners as far-fetched,” Ms. Tsukioka said, “but in Japan, they can become reality.” From today’s NYT. An interesting article, but it doesn’t mention that the Talking […]

15 Sep

The Origami Scam

This is from a BBC 3 show, called The Real Hustle — never heard of it. I’m sure this was mentioned on the listservs and discussion groups, but I often miss such things. Maybe you did, too. And, I wanted to know how this embedded youtube thing worked, for my own nefarious purposes. It is […]

31 Aug

Cut’n Fold

This is quite interesting, though I bridle at some of the statements in the article. I think folding curved lines on paper has received a little attention. here and there, and “the harmless hobby of peace-seeking aesthetes?” Aes-thetes, indeed. Get over here, grubstreet, and I’ll show you how we play.

02 Aug

The Mamikon

Something Tom Hull said recently reminded me of an article I keep meaning to plug. I went to a guest lecture this spring in the math department of the College I work at. This was rather out of character, given my invincible ignorance of anything above the level of word problems concerning red and black […]

28 Jul

It’s a Beautiful World We Live in

We notice that our friends over at Power Word Fold got bOING-bOING‘d, today. Good for them. We hope that their server is tuned and that they’re using WP-cache. Otherwise, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. We grew up along the banks of the Housatonic (not the Miskatonic) and never quite got the H.P. Lovecraft […]

18 Jul

The Vigo Variation

We had some email from Marc Vigo this week, which pleased us mightily. Marc is a professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and studies some fascinating stuff that is beyond our abilities to describe: modeling and computational geometry and so on. Very cool. He and his friends in the AEP Barcelona are preparing for […]

07 Jun

Mens regnum bona possidet

Rex by origami joel That is, “An honest heart is a kingdom in itself.” Seneca — who used to walk around, saying stuff like that at random. Hey, mask fans — Joel Cooper has blogged about your last chance (conceivably) to score an original Cooper of your own. Going once, twice…

14 May

Joel Cooper on eBay

Wow! I’m sure this will be mentioned everywhere today, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t jump in early: the amazing Joel Cooper is putting up a couple of his masks on eBay. The above is the Green Man — sort of makes you want to run riot through the woods, singing John Barleycorn Must […]

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