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04 Jul

How to Make A Regular Decagon (or Pentagon, Whatever) from a Square

Both Eric and Eduardo were asking, how do you make accurate decagons out of a square? Well, when I’m after accuracy, I draw a decagon in my creaking, ancient CorelDraw 8 install and print it out. But this lacks…authenticity. I’m way big on authenticity. The method for making a decagon from a square is not […]

11 Jun

Hako Sakuramon

St. Bonaventure, someplace in The Mind’s Journey to God, speaks of the problem of lost meaning. Not that I remember where. Meaning, like mass and unlike my dilettante learning, cannot be lost. What doesn’t get communicated through speech returns to the Godhead. A comforting thought. But when one doesn’t speak Japanese, one wonders what will […]

20 Nov

Pentagonal Compass Rose Box and φ-Quiddity

Howdy — coming here from the Origami Resource Center? Welcome, but please be advised that this particular model is crazy difficult and just about anything else on the site would be easier to fold. Here, try the model menu. This is the Pentagonal Compass Rose Box, made from a golden rectangle. CP for American letter […]

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