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March 20, 2010

Origami for the People Challenge

Fire Hydrant Pinwheel

Christiane Bettens, Christine Pape and Philip Chapman-Bell, the administrators of the Origami for the People flickr group…

…cordially invite you to participate in our first annual Feast of All Fools Challenge.

The Origami for the People group page.

From now until 23:59 April 1, 2010, Greenwich Mean Time.

Really, that’s very complicated. Let us say for the glory of it and leave it at that.

In spite of the timing, there is no special theme to this challenge. Origami for the People is a group that encourages and documents the unsanctioned placement of origami in the public sphere. (That is, we leave models in public without asking permission first.) We value the aptness and/or the unlikeliness of the model to the placement.

We require geotagging on the photos submitted to the group, so that we can view the results on a map or on Google Earth. If you’ve never geotagged before, there’s a little tutorial on how to do it — it’s easy.

In order to enter, you should: 1) geotag your photo; 2) attach the tag OPPchallenge2010; 3) and submit it to the group. (You have to have a flickr account and join the group to submit — it’s fine, you can quit later if you don’t like it.)

There is a limit of three entries per person, so choose your installations with care.

The winning entry will become the group avatar until the next challenge. If that’s not glory, we don’t know what is.

Special bonus challenge:
A special, as-yet-undetermined prize will be awarded for the first verifiable photo of an origami penguin in Antarctica or of an origami polar bear above the Arctic circle. (Id est, no Photoshop — you have to be there in the flesh to take the photo.)

The administrators encourage you to spread the word — please feel free to translate this challenge and repost to other forums and/or mailing lists.

(And since you read this far, you can have some sketches I made towards diagramming the model above.)

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