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January 3, 2006

New Format, No Biggie

Okay, I had blog envy. Everyone else was so Web 2.0 and I was all humdrumbloggery, well, it got a little embarrassing.

Of course, now I have to pretend I understand what all these bells and whistles do. Already found the Blows-Everything-Up button. Pressed it twice.

If you subscribe, I put a forward on the old feed, but that might make your aggregator a bit ferklempt – try this instead.

New content coming soon.

5 Responses to “New Format, No Biggie”

  1. 1
    Joe Spammer Says:

    Just thought I’d see if the spam-blocking works….

  2. 2
    Eric Gjerde Says:

    hey, it’s WordPress!

    I just upgraded to wordpress 2.0 last night, and I also found the “self destruct” button… oops! glad I backed it up!

    are you using the Akismet anti-comment-spam plugin? or just doing manual review?

    I found that if I don’t keep it slightly difficult to add comments, my blog filled with spam almost instantly…

    WordPress has some nicer features than blogger- I particularly like the “bookmarklet” plugin that sits on my Safari bookmark bar, that lets me add a draft post with the links to whatever I’m looking at for later perusal and addition.

    if you use for bookmarking, I found this little thing to be useful also:

    posting daily links

    or maybe that’s not really your cup of tea, who knows? just sharing the linky goodness.

    I tend to just throw out whatever links or pictures or other junk I have accumulated throughout the day, so it worked for me.

    Good to see the change, hope you’re having fun playing with all the fiddly bits and options!

  3. 3
    oschene Says:

    Yeah, it’s way simple to set up but so freaking easy to hork it up. However, I had tried it out a couple years back and I knew how to fix it. But the backup you mention, yeah, that would be a good idea. Blogger does that for you, so I suppose I must think on this. Hmm. Does it have a button for this, I wonder.

    And thanks for the pointer on the Askimet. I was just in there, poking around for it. I don’t like adding bars to the gate, but the spammers must and shall be smitten.

  4. 4
    oschene Says:

    Hey, Mr. B,

    You use IE? Braver man than I am.

    However, I’m looking at it right now in IE6 and it looks just fine. Did you try reloading? (Just hit F5.)

    (And if anyone else notices anything untoward, please do let me know.)

  5. 5
    B Says:

    Your “side-bar” menu is somehow stuck at the bottom of the blog in IE. I’m sure it works in FireFox, but at the moment I’m browsing it in IE 🙂

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