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24 Nov

The Vitruvian Box of Seven Joys

Yesterday, I was at the Smith College Museum of Art, a lovely collection in a building of shocking hideosity, and they had a newish painting that caught my eye — it used a palimpsest technique that a friend of mine once used to good effect. One of the layers was a sketch of the Vitruvian […]

06 Nov

Scalloped Tato Boxes

Some folks were asking for blank scalloped tato box patterns, so that they could make their own. By all means: 7-Sided Tato Box, Scalloped 8-Sided Tato Box, Scalloped The logo should be centered at the midpoint of the polygon’s sides, which is also the radius of the semicircle. There will be some loss of the […]

25 Oct

How Blue Can You Get?

For those who can’t be bothered with ranting: Barack Box Crease Pattern (2.5 MB) It’s been a while since we launched into one of our trademark political rants and indeed, the evil of these times has been so oppressive that our obligation to denounce the manifold sins and wickedness of the present administration sometimes slips […]

06 Jan

Gaudete! The Box of Seven Joys

Box of Seven Joys Sequenced Crease Pattern Box of Seven Joys Sequenced Crease Pattern in Postscript This is an idea that came from a lot of places: conversations I’ve been having with Mélisande*, an old Christmas carol I listened to one evening, a twenty-hour bus ride to Hoosierland and a passing glance at a Holiday […]

19 Aug

The Voices of the Quick and the Dead

I was thinking, this past week, of how I used to go visit my buddy, Jackson and his family in Maine, back when I was in college. They lived in this crazy old saltbox on the Damariscotta peninsula that their family had occupied — not continuously — for 250 years. Jackson’s family was haunted. The […]

14 Aug

Fall Down Seven Times

I’ll tell you a medieval secret — I know a lot of them — the reason that medieval builders, artists and poets were so superstitious about the number seven is that it was so difficult for them to deal with it. Try doing long division (iron division, we called it then) with seven in Roman […]

01 Oct

How to Make a Heptagon from a Circle

So, I was after thinking, early one morning, that I had really ought to get back to that chrysanthemum model, being as there’s a big chysanthemum festival going on somewheres, but then I thought, it’s such a pain to make hexakaidecagons. What if I made them from squares and just folded the excess in? Hmm, […]

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