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28 Aug

The 16-Sided Compass Rose Jar, Continued

The 16-Sided Compass Rose Jar, shooting down the interior, to show the compass rose. A crease pattern to follow shortly.

28 Aug

The 16-Sided Compass Rose Jar

The 16-Sided Compass Rose Jar, showing the one-sheet hyperboloid shoulder and iris rim closure. This one is made of a 12×18 inch piece of 50# art paper. Note that the interior is the same color as the exterior. This model has no white showing. Compass rose jars, no matter how many sides, have the some […]

14 Aug

Spiral Data Tato

CP (American Letter) CP (A4) Slideshow Update: now there’s an tutorial with video and everything! It all started in a Marketing and Recruiting meeting at this telecom call center I was working for. It was at the height of the dot-com idiocy and I must admit, I was being just as idiotic as the […]

08 Aug

The Dollar Bill Stamp Dispenser

This is what I was trying to do when I made the Dollars to Doughnuts! fold. Happy accidents. This is the same in construction – see the hints sheet below – and is actually rather easier to collapse, as the overlap in the middle is graspable. Threading the stamps is a bit tricky: you have […]

07 Aug

Café Kinko?

Okay, it was ten years ago and the countergirl at Kinko’s® wouldn’t make a copy of this photograph until I covered up the trademarked image on the Café Goya® can. I pointed out that it wasn’t meant to be a picture of a coffee can – the can was just there for scale. But she […]

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