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31 Aug

Cut’n Fold

This is quite interesting, though I bridle at some of the statements in the article. I think folding curved lines on paper has received a little attention. here and there, and “the harmless hobby of peace-seeking aesthetes?” Aes-thetes, indeed. Get over here, grubstreet, and I’ll show you how we play.

30 Aug

Dodecahedral Bowl

Dodecahedral Bowl Crease Pattern

26 Aug

Heckuva Job, Brownie

Je crois que j’aimerai Retourner à Blue Bayou Où les gens sont bons Où le ciel est chaud A Blue Bayou – Orbison, Melson & Marnay A nine-pointed puff star from a regular nonagon of surplus map paper. An unimproved CP. Son of a gun, have big fun.

19 Aug

The Voices of the Quick and the Dead

I was thinking, this past week, of how I used to go visit my buddy, Jackson and his family in Maine, back when I was in college. They lived in this crazy old saltbox on the Damariscotta peninsula that their family had occupied — not continuously — for 250 years. Jackson’s family was haunted. The […]

14 Aug

Fall Down Seven Times

I’ll tell you a medieval secret — I know a lot of them — the reason that medieval builders, artists and poets were so superstitious about the number seven is that it was so difficult for them to deal with it. Try doing long division (iron division, we called it then) with seven in Roman […]

02 Aug

The Mamikon

Something Tom Hull said recently reminded me of an article I keep meaning to plug. I went to a guest lecture this spring in the math department of the College I work at. This was rather out of character, given my invincible ignorance of anything above the level of word problems concerning red and black […]

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