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26 Jul

Looking through a Glass Onion

According to the stats machines at Flickr, this is one of the most interesting photos I’ve ever taken. I am not one to argue with machines — they tend to equivocate and braid sorites and they’re absolutely useless with analogies. I have an old Thinkpad somewhere that believes that a raven and a writing desk […]

08 Apr

Quotidian Graal

That is to say, everyday goblet. I would say chalice, but up north, across the border, the words for altar furniture are unmentionable to ears polite. Quotidian Graal Crease Pattern My wife says, Can you drink beer out of it? I think a bit and say, Yes, it’s genus zero. And she says, Genesee-O? That […]

30 Jan

Sinusoidal Headache

The wind is in from the Canadian tundra and the air has gotten drier and much colder — almost like winter. And that dreadful Senator Boxer from California has engineered a shortage of pseudoephedrine. Californians! What do they know of sinuses? I woke up the other morning and decided that the curves I’ve been thinking […]

21 Jan

La Flûte Mélisandienne*

Melisandean Flute Mélisande* gets half credit on this one, for suggesting that the paper on the edges could be folded down to hold the piece together. This model has a much nicer waist to it, more suggestive of an actual glass. I suppose the next step is to work on a stem and base.

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