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01 Jul

The One-Cut Nonagon and the Nine-Pointed Twist Star

Went to the New York City Convention, last week, and it was fun as it always is, but as always, I feel a sense of not having explained myself sufficiently. I taught a couple of classes, both on twist folds, and it is too easy to forget that the language used to describe objects with […]

29 Mar

Twist Stars – A Method of Construction

That’s my old friend, Catullus, who often wrote in hendecasyllabics, that is, an eleven syllable line. Here, he’s saying, To whom shall I give this pretty little blog entry? To you, gentle reader… It occurred to me the other day that twist stars, such as the nine- and ten-pointed models I written about before, probably […]

04 Jul

Catch a Falling Star

We’re back from the Convention in New York and our head is still spinning a bit, but not so’s you’d notice. We can report that a good time was had by all and that Mélisande*‘s and my class on Monday went very well, indeed. Tato boxes were the topic of the day and it was […]

01 Apr

A Simpler Way

I have this longish post about the evils of encroaching copyright, but it keeps boring me to death and I still haven’t finished it. So, while we’re all waiting for that little gem of wisdom to roll off the presses, why not take a whack at a simpler version of the Frangipani Box? This is […]

23 Feb

Mate Kudasai

Camera Stellata 4 Crease Pattern When I was in school, I had this roommate, Mark, who was from southern California and was studying International Education about as rigorously as it possible to study such a subject. He got a lot of phone calls. This was back before we had modems and google and so on. […]

10 Feb

Frangipani Box Redux

Eric is trying to convert me to something called the MVF diagram schema. I’ve got no clue what he’s talking about. That’s not unusual. So I googled it and discovered that it’s a top secret DoD research project — stands for Manganese Velveeta Forcefield, a conceptual weapon, something to immobilize the Haters of Freedom® with […]

04 Nov

Hoofbeats in the Distance — Could it be Zebras?

I was going to wait a bit before posting this, wait for understanding. But you know, I am so slow of apperception that for all of me, we might be up to our giblets in simultaneous Asian land wars before I decide I know what’s going on with this model. Oh, that’s right. So, why […]

03 Sep

10 Pointed Twist Star

It’s raining in New England today – the remnants of a hurricane that blew in yesterday. So, we’ll make our own sun. This one has a high wow factor – something that comes home to me on the bus, when strangers interrupt me to ask, what is that? It’s the five pointed thing – people’s […]

07 Jan

The Star Vase

Purists sometimes look at our work and say, “Oh, how very special – do you ever fold anything from a square?” The back of our hand to their froward ways. Purists! Yeah, sometimes. We like rectangles. A square is a kind of rectangle, as we’ll sometimes remind them. We try not to get superstitious about […]

29 Oct

Puff Star

This fold took its inspiration from the little puffed stars we used to make by tying overhand knots in perf strips. (Remember perf strips?) Also, one night, I got to wondering, what happens if you make a bird base from a pentagon? As it turned out, the model was much cooler when made from a […]

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