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June 4, 2006

Keep Moving, Nothing to See, Here

6 Sided Compass Rose Jar

My old friend, Payson – the one who lives in Belo Horizonte – when he was a boy, went on a coach tour of some city in Bavaria with his family. The tour had gotten a little behind schedule and the tour guide was terribly agitated. He didn’t want to take the art museum off of the itinerary and he didn’t really have time to let the tourists see it, either. So, as a compromise, he chased his group through the museum, gallery after gallery, bellowing, “Keep moving! Keep moving, no looking! Nothing to see, here!”

This story always cracked me up. Wherever Payson and I went, one of us was sure to start rushing around and shouting, “Keep moving! No looking!” This got us odd looks in a few places, but we couldn’t stop doing it.

There’s nothing to look at, here. Okay, there’s a CP. This model was entirely predictable and could have been folded through extrapolation at any time. But it’s necessary to have out there because someday, I’m going to say something almost interesting about faceting. But not today.

(Note the combination of color and conventional dash-dot lines. Another one of those compromises.)

3 Responses to “Keep Moving, Nothing to See, Here”

  1. 1
    Eric Gjerde Says:

    Those of us who are disabled appreciate your compromise!

    Seriously though, I haven’t yet thought of a good way of showing crease pattern lines… colors would work, but are tricky, especially when actually folding something complex- but the dots/dots&dashes scheme fails miserably at a certain level of scale.

    Glad to see some hexagonal love, it’s truly one of the best shapes out there.

  2. 2
    Daniel Says:

    why does this remind me of David Brill’s “nut” model?

  3. 3
    oschene Says:

    I don’t know — do you have a picture of it?

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