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July 22, 2006

Spring into Stasis!

Octagonal Tube Spring

Octagonal Tube Spring

Octagonal Tube Spring

This came out of one of those conversations you have on A folder named georigami had been modifying one of the octagonal twist boxes discussed earlier and I advised him to try something to get the edges to overlap. After I said this,I realized I had very little idea if it would work. Leaving that mod to him, I tried my advice on a similar, but different grid and got this. It’s fun.

A young man on the bus thought it would make a nice kaleidoscope and I think he’s right. If you used paper that had mylar on one side, you could get a very trippy light show, indeed.

Anyone out there have any experience bonding mylar to paper?

This model is all on a 45° and 22°30′ grid, with horizontal creases that divide the square into sixths. This model benefits from what one of my tessellating buddies (hey, Eric!) calls, “psycho-accuracy.” Please note how the diagonals switch directions when they cross the first and fifth horizontals. I wish I could tell you that it folds together easily and readily. I cannot – something entirely bovine about the grace of this collapse.

But you’ve come to expect that from my work, no?

CP for American Letter Paper

CP for A4

7 Responses to “Spring into Stasis!”

  1. 1
    alwen Says:

    How cool!

    As to “something entirely bovine,” are you familiar with “cow-tipping”?

  2. 2
    jane Says:

    I have something similar to mylar on one side and paper on the other:

    I can send some to you. 3 colours to choose from: yellow, pink and dark green.

    I also had some similar stuff, but I gave it all to Joel. I can try to find where to get some if you want.

  3. 3
    oschene Says:

    That’s beautiful stuff, Jane. If you can spare me a sheet of the yellow or pink, I will give it a try.

  4. 4
    CHARLI Says:

    He hecho la figura y la he puesto en mi blog, desde tengo un link con tu blog. Me gusta mucho tu trabajo.

  5. 5
    thomas Says:

    any tips on how to seal this tube? i assume you would fold the creases and then fold it like a tube?

  6. 6
    oschene Says:

    If you look at the lines at the top and bottom of the CP, you’ll see that they switch directions – valley becomes mountain and vice versa. After you wrap the tube, you can fold the top and bottom flaps into the ends of the tube, one under the next, just as if you were sealing a cardboard box.

  7. 7
    luis Says:

    Hello, would you have a template for other polygons with more segments like 10 or 12? I would like to make a spring using a polygon closer to a circle shape!

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