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July 30, 2006

The World Box

World Box

World Box

Sure, the Icosahedral Twist Box is great, but a little bland. You could soup it up with some fancy paper, maybe, or you could go with my original conception and make a World Box.

The World Box is in honor of the first international exhibition on origami tessellations, July 29th through August 6th at the Jardim Bot?nico in Bras?lia, Brasil. It’s made from an equilateral triangular grid, which is a tessellator’s bread-and-butter. It’s how they see the world. (I just spent a weekend in New York with a couple of these tessllators and you know, it was hard to walk down the street with them. New York is very orthogonal and my buddies kept heading off at 30° and 60° to everything, frequently wandering into traffic or into buildings. Ooh!)

The map projection is courtesy of Carlos Furuti of São Paulo. I will mention here that although the design of the box is under Creative Commons license, the projection used here is not. It is under copyright and used with permission. If you want to do something similar or even totally different using the projection, you write to Carlos, dig?

You may be thinking, “Well, I print this out, my inkjet will put big honking white margins on it and it will look awful.” Relax, my little pink tomato, simply adjust your printer dialog:

Printer Dialog

Under Page Handling, you have the option of scaling. If you select Fit to Printer Margins, you can then trim off a few measly millimeters of white edge all the way around and make a pretty model. Do it. Confound the purists and the Puritans. Use the scissors. I won’t tell.

This all said, the files.

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