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September 3, 2006

10 Pointed Twist Star

10 Pointed Twist Star

It’s raining in New England today – the remnants of a hurricane that blew in yesterday. So, we’ll make our own sun.

This one has a high wow factor – something that comes home to me on the bus, when strangers interrupt me to ask, what is that? It’s the five pointed thing – people’s eyes are caught by the five pointed star, even when it’s obscured by another one, pointing in the opposite direction. And the frame-breaking action isn’t so bad, either.

You can do this with other polygons, too, though you may need to horse around with the pleat width some. I think I found an answer for this problem, but I’ll refrain from posting it, so that the Teeming Millions may have a whack at it.

Speaking of polygons, nowhere in the instructions does it mention that you start with a regular decagon – I like to think my readership knows me that well, that these small matters go without mention.

No? Okay, newbie – here’s how to make a decagon.

And here’s the Sequenced Crease Pattern – yes, I checked it and it will print on A4 without any issues. At least on our end.

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    Origami Tessellations - Oschene's 10 Pointed Twist Star Says:

    […] True to form, after sorting all this information out he went further and published a full sequenced crease pattern (SCP) for this design, and released it under the CC License. I am a big fan of his SCP work- it?s clear to see and understand, and is a lot more thorough than a basic CP while being easier to create than a full diagram set. And I have to give him a big hand for releasing his work under a CC license so others can freely use, share, remix, and reuse his designs. Thanks for sharing this with us, Philip! […]

  2. 2
    oschene Says:

    I’m not sure wordpress is going to get the trackback on its own – Japanese seems to confuse it – so I’m going to give a shout-out to ATELIER Silver’s blog. He’s done a great job with this with a challenging paper.

  3. 3
    w Says:

    awh this is awesome. especially with the light from behind

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    10-Pointed Twist Star « Aspiring Folder Says:

    […] my origami pride and joy. Philip Chapman-Bell created this tessellation and posted it on his blog The Fitful Flog. The first time I published this picture, I posted it on my other blog, which received a compliment […]

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    Cindi Says:

    I am so stuck on #10 where you swing each flap , one by one. Is this the inside or the outside and is it the star points that are being swung over. HELP!

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