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November 26, 2006

Sam-Taeguk Dish

Sam-Taeguk Dish

Sam-Taeguk Dish, Underside
This is the same as the Triskelion Dish, but with the corners folded under – I didn’t quite like the white showing. A trifle more complicated, but logical and more aesthetically satisfying. Like a nice bowl of Spicy Beef Soup.

We offer two files here, one the crease pattern: Sam-Taeguk Dish Crease Pattern

And the other a colored printout that suggests the Korean national symbol: Sam-Taeguk Dish in Color

And we say howdy to our readers in Korea.

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    Lorenzo Marchi Says:

    Absolutely clever and elegant! I’ll sure try to fold it when I’ve a bit of time! Oh and very good choice of colours, thank you for the resources! 🙂

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