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December 6, 2006

4-Sided Coriolis Bowl

4-Sided Coriolis Bowl

Yes, getting a little swirly in here. Curved surface folding adds a new axis to the fold: mountain/valley, left/right, up/down, curved/flat….I like it. Gritty, textural, doesn’t work 3 times out of 5. Oh, yeah.

This is a Coriolis Bowl, named for that swirling effect the Earth’s rotation adds to storms and whirlpools. Astute folders will note that this one has a counterclockwise rotation, suggesting that it was created somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, I urge our folding public to exercise caution. Coriolis storms have been known to move people out of (and into) Kansas. Which, we hear, is quite the cultural mecca these days, though we’re reserving judgment on this head — heard the same thing about Elk City, Oklahoma.

The crease pattern.

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