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January 21, 2007

La Flûte Mélisandienne*

La Flûte Mélisandienne*

Melisandean Flute

Mélisande* gets half credit on this one, for suggesting that the paper on the edges could be folded down to hold the piece together. This model has a much nicer waist to it, more suggestive of an actual glass. I suppose the next step is to work on a stem and base.

2 Responses to “La Flûte Mélisandienne*”

  1. 1
    w Says:

    these two flutes are really nice, completely unexpected. i also like someone’s idea for using as a lamp.

    thank you for everything. I may not be able to do everything quite yet, as I am a newb here (and only have CP’s), but damned if your site isn’t a great resource…

  2. 2
    steve Says:

    i love them all a little more info about building them would be great maybe even video

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