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March 18, 2007

Hyperboloidal Hex Vase

Hyperboloidal Hex Vase

Hyperboloidal Hex Vase

Not sure if hyperboloidal is the correct term, here. The sides of the vase are curved, but only north-south, not east-west. Sort of like a bunch of intersecting sidewise cylinders.

Hyperboloidal Hex Vase Crease Pattern

* * * * *

Update: A Slightly Different Version Crease Pattern

Hyperboloid Hex Vase

(This one has curves where the points are on the sides. More interesting visually, perhaps, and more resistant to crushing.)

Update: Three Intersecting Hyperbolic Cylinders

2 Responses to “Hyperboloidal Hex Vase”

  1. 1
    mimickr Says:

    cool! gotta try it~ ^L^”
    and thanks

  2. 2
    Ana Says:

    Wonderful!! now i just need better looking paper,but it came out pretty good

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