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April 3, 2007

Half an Egg — Goes Well with Half a Loaf

The Half-Egg at Flickr

So, like twenty-five years ago, I’m standing at a highway exit in Sacramento, middle of the night, trying really hard to hitch a ride to Berkeley, where I have a floor to crash on and nothing is happening, hour after hour. I still had residual shakes from a very bad ride over Mt. Shasta with an AWOL Marine, his 15-year-old paramour and a six-pack of Miller pounders. Fear, you dig — the Marine drank the beer. Plus, it’s getting cold.

And this guy picks me up — he’s going to SF. After three or four minutes, I notice he’s shaking rather worse than I am. He asks me to roll him a jay and I do. (In California at that time, this was not an unusual request and I smoked shag — Three Castles — back then, so I was not inexpert at it. Did I mention that I was wearing an onion on my belt?) He tokes a bit and seems more at ease. He’d been up five days, he says, big job. Snorted way too much speed.

Trucker? I ask.

No, he’s a pipefitter. Nuclear submarine. Big rush job.

Guess that’s why those sailors get hazard-pay, I say.

But he was already nodding out by this point and we had to stop for coffee. A lot of coffee.

This story, which will entirely defeat machine translation — sorry, guys — has nothing to do with this model.

Please note the little circles I put on the left side of the CP. It will show you where to put the edge of the circle to make the nice curve fold. Intersections on a hex grid. Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives….

Half-Egg Crease Pattern

2 Responses to “Half an Egg — Goes Well with Half a Loaf”

  1. 1
    Ray Schamp Says:

    Hunter S. Thompson. There, I said it.

  2. 2
    Joanna Says:

    This site is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!! I am teaching English in South Korea and my students love origami! They are better than me…kkkk Anywho…I would love to show them how to make this. It kind of looks like a flower box? I know it says half egg but… Is there any way you could show a step-by-step. I printed the pattern but have no idea where to even begin folding. Or, whatever directions you can share with me would be super helpful. They will also be making the 10-sided yin-yang globe. 🙂

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