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April 29, 2007

Three Card Monte — Again?

Three Card Monte at

Yeah, there’s a contest over at and I’ve never been much for contests, but this one has a really cool prize — an SD card with Wi-Fi built in. Got to say, that caught my eye.

If you’ve already folded one of these, you could certainly give this a go-by. Nothing new here. Well, a few things. You can print out an A4 version now and the art work is all SVG, courtesy of David Bellott.

It’s an interesting interface for making tutorials. Don’t know if I’d want to use it all the time, but I like the ability to get the word out to people outside of the traditional origami community. (Some of who, I am convinced, check for precedence and provenance before folding their socks on laundry day.)

Here’s the tutorial. And the files for this are over here.

Update: Didn’t win the cool SD chip, but I did come in fourth and/or seventh, so they dashed me a branded t-shirt, which in America is right next door to glory. They’re okay. I foresee other forays into their squidy interface.

3 Responses to “Three Card Monte — Again?”

  1. 1
    Jane Says:

    Actually you came in second with the highest ratings. I saw it the other day and owed you some congratulations.

    We were very happy to see it.

  2. 2
    HH Says:

    I stumbled onto this blog from the Craftster Knitting forum (indirect path, fear not, the ladies with pointy sticks are not stalking you) and I am … I guess “smitten” is the right word. Thanks for posting up the crease patterns and for your great explanations and humor. My family may be cursing you later this year though, if/when they wind up with bits of your “Napoleonic” paper in weird shapes for Christmas. (hee hee, napoleonic paper.)

    Perhaps we should instead refer to our good ole American paper as “Freedom Pulp”.

  3. 3
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