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June 3, 2007

Stellated Curved Tetrahedron Redux


Stellated Curved Tetrahedron Colored Crease Pattern

Some people there may be who haven’t folded this yet and still want to. The clues we left were not the easiest to follow.

Here is a colored crease pattern: black for mountain, magenta for valley, gray ghost lines for folds that were there, but don’t figure into the finished model.

There’s a photo set on Flickr to help you along. This isn’t step-by-step, mind you. These are just some hints on the hard parts, like how to get the pyramid in the vesica piscis and how to get the top half to wrap around the bottom.

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    The Fitful Flog » Blog Archive » Stellated Curved Tetrahedron Says:

    […] Update: Better crease pattern and some nice hints can be found here. […]

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    Mamat Lisham Says:


    Just want to tell you that this is one cool blog! Thanks a bunch for posting those CPs… Tried some of them… They worked out alright…

    I encountered some temporary “dead-ends” in folding the persimmon box, lunoid, six-sided rose jar and the stellated curved tetrahedron but it worked out alright nevertheless (because I cheated and glued the insides of pyramids, tho I must tell you cheating doesn’t feel right until I can get it right!)

    Most of the models that I’ve folded usually ends up on my work desk at the office and the magically found their way on someone elses desk…

    Anyway, keep up the good work…

    Warm regards from Langkawi…

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