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July 18, 2007

The Vigo Variation

Marc Vigo's Work

We had some email from Marc Vigo this week, which pleased us mightily. Marc is a professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and studies some fascinating stuff that is beyond our abilities to describe: modeling and computational geometry and so on. Very cool. He and his friends in the AEP Barcelona are preparing for an exhibition this coming November and these are some of his models for it:

You can see a green “Stellated Curved Tetrahedron”, a grey variation of the same model (with cones instead of pyramids), a blue “Champagne Flute”, a dark brown J. Moseley’s “Bud”, a white “Triangular Twisted Prism”, a beige “Conical Rings”, and a light brown “Eccentricity”. Last three are my own creations, but as since they are so simple, I think that someone must have already folded something similar before me.

Some beautiful stuff here. I am particularly taken with the gray variation. I immediately folded a couple of these — the model appears to substitute small circles for the hexagons in the Stellated Curved Tetrahedron — and the results are delightful. And I think the two halves fit together better, too.

Marc’s representational work is not too shabby, either. His CPs and diagrams are very readable and I plan on studying them for pointers. And, we note with no small degree of satisfaction, Marc releases his work under a CC Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike license. Yes, open origami. Big thumbs up, Marc.

Of course, I would expect no less from Catalonia, the home of the anarcho-syndicalism I admired so much in my college days. This was before I grew old and cynical — humans are not worthy of anarchy, I know that now. But with mental work and spiritual discipline, we will still be able to share origami. This much, I hope for.

3 Responses to “The Vigo Variation”

  1. 1
    Marc Says:

    Thanks oschene for the complete entry in you blog.

    Yes, the variation is made replacing hexagons by circles whose radi coincide with the hexagons side length (or smaller, if you like).

    Keep on with you good job!


  2. 2
    Eric Gjerde Says:

    Great stuff- and so nicely folded – but best of all, OPEN ORIGAMI! wonderful.

    so pleased to see more people participating in this mindset, rather than the term-paper-writing citation machines that do nothing but duplicate each other…

  3. 3
    Gigi Says:

    Dear Mr. Chapman-Bell

    Thank you very much for your wonderful models. It is food for thought.

    Regarding Mr. Vigo variation for “Stellated Curved Tetrahedron” I have used ellipses instead of circles to substitute the hexagons, with major axis equal to the diameter of the circle circumscribed to hexagon and minor axis equal to the diameter of the circle inscribed in hexagon, major axis along the radius of the paper.
    This way the base of resulting cone is a circle.

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