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August 31, 2007

Cut’n Fold

Cut'n Fold

This is quite interesting, though I bridle at some of the statements in the article. I think folding curved lines on paper has received a little attention. here and there, and “the harmless hobby of peace-seeking aesthetes?”

Aes-thetes, indeed. Get over here, grubstreet, and I’ll show you how we play.

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    Tom Hull Says:

    That podium those chaps are making? They gave one to OUSA for us to use at he 4OSME conference last year. I was one of the people charged with trying to figure out how to/if it needed to be put together. They also gave us a bunch of other curvy plastic-folded do-dads, the purposes of which remained a mystery.

    And harmless? Wait till Dr. Lang’s foldable space-lens gets used to make an orbit-to-earth laser cannon to satisfy all the neo-con Star Wars wet dreams. Peaceful, eh?

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