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November 6, 2008

Scalloped Tato Boxes

Some folks were asking for blank scalloped tato box patterns, so that they could make their own. By all means:

7-Sided Tato Box, Scalloped

8-Sided Tato Box, Scalloped

The logo should be centered at the midpoint of the polygon’s sides, which is also the radius of the semicircle. There will be some loss of the logo — the top of the box is conical, you know. There are ways around this, just haven’t had time to play around with them. The logo doesn’t rotate. Took me a while to figure that out.

Allow me to observe, one of the most fruitful areas of investigation will be in cutting (horrors!) into the semicircle, as Mélisande* did with the Chagrin d’amour box.

Love affair...

A crease pattern to show you how that works.

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