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March 5, 2006

Oh, and I Should Mention…

Please note the cool little flags in the upper right corner. If you push on one, it will translate all this slang-ridden jargonese into bad French, worse German, tortured Portugese – whatever flavor you like. I doubt it will help with communication, but it may make you feel more at home.

Over half of the traffic for this site comes from non-English speaking nations. (Unless you count those counties south of the Tweed as an English speaking nation – then it’s slightly less than half.) That’s pretty wicked cool.

A neat plug-in – I got the idea from my buddy, Eric.

3 Responses to “Oh, and I Should Mention…”

  1. 1
    M?lisande Says:

    Cher Colporteur-Cloche,
    Merci d’avoir install? cette connexion ordonn?e poissonBabel sur votre chronique “Les changeants flagellent”. Chemise du Mangan?se a de bonnes id?es !
    Ainsi votre satire pleine d’esprit pourra ?tre traduite dans tous les argots-mont?s.
    J’aime beaucoup votre fiole de rose de la boussole, elle a un regard gentil d’armure de panier.

  2. 2
    Eric Gjerde Says:

    She’s calling me a Manganese Shirt again…

    It’s not like the translation is all that good, Melisande, but the thing is that (at least for me) tons of people were visiting and translating it all through google or babelfish anyway, so at least this makes it easier.

    Also, it allows web search engines to index the translated pages, which is a big plus.

    However the translations are quite bad, as both Melisande and Jane have pointed out to me repeatedly…

    I like to use the Mason-Dixon line as my dividing point, Oschene, but you can use whatever suits your tastes!

    I should mention that I got the idea from the purveyor of cool, CW Wang @

  3. 3
    oschene Says:

    Manganese Shirt? I was reading that as Chemin du Mangan?se and thought it was some Helveticanese argot for Silicon Highway. Blast these glasses.

    For cheap kicks, you can cut and paste the translations into Google Translate and back translate them.

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